Carrion Crown

The Will

And so it begins...

Three of the old friends of Professor Petros Lorrimor arrive in Ravengro and meet Kendra at her house. They spend the night in comfort at the Professor’s former home with Kendra. Each has a room of their own. The next morning they go to the Restlands for the funeral. The agree to be Paulbearers for the Professors Coffin and begin a slow march through the Restlands to the gravesite.

They are confronted by some local townspeople who do not want the Professor, whom they claim is a foul Necromancer to be buried among the good folk of Ravengro. The group talks the townspeople down and they disperse.

The ceremony for the professor is conducted by Father Gimburrow and is attended by the adventurers, Kendra, Councilman Vahian Hearthmount, Councilman Gharen Muricar, tavernkeeper Zokar Elkarid and his son Pevrin, and Jominda Fallenbridge (the apothecary).

After the funeral the group follows Kendra to her home for the reading of the Professor’s will. Counselman Hearthmount arrives an hour later; he produces a scroll case, shows that the professor’s personal seal is unbroken, then breaks the wax and opens the case. A small iron key falls out of the tube. See the wiki page for a copy of the will that was read.



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