Carrion Crown

Gathered for a Funeral...

Laying an old friend to rest

You were each contacted and asked to go to the town of Ravengro to bear the casket of the late Professor Petros Lorrimor by his daughter Kendra. Seems the Professor felt close to each of you in some way through some past association. Kendra also made it clear that her father’s will could not be read until you arrived for the Professor stipulated your presence at the reading.

You have all arrived at Ravengro and met Kendra at the Professor’s home. She has greeted you each warmly and offered her home in the way of accomodations for each of you.

The day after you have all arrived you all accompany Kendra to the Restlands where his funeral is to take place. You and Kendra are at the entrance to the Restlands as our session begins.



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